7 Tips to Make Your Job Search Successful

It can’t be easy to stay positive if you’ve been searching for a long time, and have been unsuccessful in finding a new job. Despite the feelings of frustration and constant worry about paying your bills, there are ways to make your out-of-work time more tolerable. Keep looking: Don’t get discouraged and give up. It […]

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Texas Longhorns Hope to Restore Recruiting Presence in 2014

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  AUSTIN, Texas — Mack Brown has long been known as the king of college football. With recent annual revenue streams in excess of $100 million annually and a total program value of $848 million, over $350 million more than the next highest, that title has been well deserved. He commands attention simply by walking […]

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Misleading Mary Kay Recruiting Information Highlighted

As a former sales director and beauty consultant of Mary Kay for five years, I wanted to highlight for all unsuspecting potential recruiting victims some of the misleading information that new recruits and current beauty consultants are given regarding Mary Kay. Being in sales is very hard. It takes a special kind of person to […]

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Army Looks to Boost Level of Recruiting

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Recently, the United States Army announced that they will increase the initial enlistment bonus for future soldiers. US Army Recruiting created this new bonus to further expand the Army. The bonus is for up to $20,000, which when compounded with other bonus offers, can go as high as 50,000 dollars for a four year enlistment. […]

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