A Simple Recruiting Process for Finding the Right Candidate

You have to hire someone but you only want the best in your business. You can’t afford to have someone who is going to steal from you, have a poor work ethic and treat your customers poorly. As a matter of strategy you want to find someone you can teach and grow into a management level position. This requires the person to have skills that will be above and beyond what you might find among the average employee. Maybe you are in the recruiting department of a major corporation and need to find the best candidates to keep the company going.

The sad truth is that some recruiting methods work while others don’t. Far too many businesses are hiring employees that either don’t know what they are doing or don’t want to learn. This costs these businesses big money in both the long run and in the short run. Having a strategy is your best bet in ensuring you have the right candidate. There are some tricks to the trade of recruiting that will be shared with you. Simply follow the following steps and you will do just fine.

Recruiting Steps to Follow:

1.) Proper Recruiting Ads: Place ads where you are most likely to find the right person. Don’t spend lots of money scanning an entire city with a big name advertisement. Market your advertisement to the people who have the education and skills you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for a skilled engineer then you want to advertise in a trade magazine or if you are looking for someone in locally then check out your local advertisements. You may also want to write your advertisement using the lingo of the field.

2.) Carefully Screen the Resumes: Carefully screen the resumes for gaps in employment, lack of skills, employment history and location. If you take a close look at these resume you will begin to find the tricks people use to cover up problems in their employment history. Likewise you can understand their knowledge in the field simply by reading their cover letter and resume for proper industry language. Find your top three candidates.

3.) Interview & Selection Process: Don’t be the only one to interview the candidate if you have other options. Sometimes you might get a great impression but the other people in your business might not think they are so hot. The more workers that interview them the better candidate you will find. Check their employment history, give them a drug test, or administer a skills test if you need to.

4.) Give them a trial period: A 90-day trial period is a last chance opportunity to review their skills on the job before offering them a permanent position within the company. Even though terminating employment during a trial period can still cause legal troubles it is a much more solid approach then giving them full-fledged employment from the beginning.