Army Looks to Boost Level of Recruiting

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Image result for Army Looks to Boost Level of RecruitingRecently, the United States Army announced that they will increase the initial enlistment bonus for future soldiers. US Army Recruiting created this new bonus to further expand the Army. The bonus is for up to $20,000, which when compounded with other bonus offers, can go as high as 50,000 dollars for a four year enlistment.

This new bonus is for new recruits only, who agree to ship to basic training within 30 days of their initial enlistment. This will allow the Army to meet its goal of adding over 30,000 soldiers to the entire Army. The bonus program is scheduled to end September 30. The 20,000 dollars is only part of the available bonuses in the Army, with others based solely upon the MOS (Military Occupational Specialty or Army slang for job) selected by the recruit. Certain jobs, such as infantry or armor, can bring a bonus upwards of 25,000 dollars. Most jobs carry a bonus; however, jobs in demand by the Army are offered higher bonuses. Most other jobs that carry a significant bonus are related to the medical field. Another bonus available to potential recruits is a referral bonus. When a recruit refers another person to recruiter, and they sign up, the initial recruit gets a 2,000 dollar bonus.

One of the possible reasons for this bonus program is due to the fact that the Army has missed monthly recruiting goals recently. The bonus, the Army hopes, will encourage more potential recruits to join, therefore allowing the Army to meet their goal. Lieutenant General Michael D. Rochelle said the following about recruiting, “Despite the challenges we face and will continue to face in the future, the Army continues to be successful overall in growing and maintaining the all-volunteer Army.”

The Army is also instituting other programs in order to try to boost its recruiting across the country. Included in the new programs is an extensive advertisement campaign, utilizing the Army’s new slogan, “Army Strong.” Also part of the program is a new “super leads” program, which makes Army recruiters job’s quicker, by giving lists of civilians who are more likely to enlist. Another program is a mission given to all recruiters in the country. The mission asks for each recruiter to get six civilians to commit to serve the Army by the end of September, with four of those shipping to basic training within the year. Past recruiters who were successful are temporarily being requested to return to service, in order to boost recruiting numbers. The Army is also looking for more opportunities to speak to the public, in high schools, colleges and at many public events where young people congregate.