Best Human Resource Job Searching Tips

If you’re a human resources employee or manager searching for a job, you might want to consider these job searching tips and human resources employment web sites to help ensure you’re getting the wages and benefits you deserve. Even if your present job meets all your needs, it doesn’t hurt to understand the job market in order to be competitive. If you’re unemployed due to a move or layoff, these tips and human resources employment web sites can help with your job search.

Job Search Tip #1 : Understand The Human Resources Job Market

A salary survey web site can help human resources personnel find out what human resources jobs are available, what the human resources positions require in terms of experience and what the low, median, and high salary pay range is for the human resources position and aid your job search.

Salary Wizard at

Job Search Tip #2 : Keep Your Human Resources Resume Up to Date

Regardless of whether you are looking for a human resources job or not, keep your resume up to date. It’s a good way to establish your goals and check that you are remaining competitive in terms of human resources job assignments and human resources work responsibilities and skills. Make sure your resume uses strong action verbs: I accomplished, I built, I cut costs etc so your job search is successful.

Job Search Tip #3 : Network with other Human Resources Personnel

If you haven’t established an account at LinkedIn web site, I recommend you do so to help out a future job search. There’s no better way to meet others with human resources jobs in the business world and many employment contacts come from people you know rather than job advertisements. LinkedIn is a social networking web site where you can post your human resources resume, find others that are registered from your schools and employers and exchange messages with similar jobs.

Job Search Tip #4 : Consult Job Search Employment Resources

Most local libraries have job search resources that can help a human resources employee or manager answer questions posed during an employment interview or on your job application. The tough question to answer is “why do you want to work for our company”. Libraries and the internet can provide human resources employees with overview information about a company’s products and any recent news. Yahoo! Finance for one will allow a search on a company name and provide their stock market status and an overview of the company. Other resources can include University and college catalogs, interest surveys, and job profiles for employment similar to human resources positions.

Job Search Tip #5 : State Employment Offices

If you’re an unemployed human resources employee or manager, the state employment offices where you file for unemployment benefits also offers job placement help. These can aid your job search by setting up interviews with companies seeking human resources personnel and allowing you to search their available job databases for human resources positions.

Good Employment Web Sites for Finding Human Resources Jobs

Yahoo!Hot jobs – is an employment web site that contains a place to list your resume and search for Human Resources jobs.

Human Resources Jobs – is an employment web site that contains searchable human resources job listings.

HR Crossing – is an employment web site that worldwide HR specific job search that supports Fortune 500 companies and allows search by human resources position and location of the job.

America Job Exchange – is an employment web site that gives examples of the companies they support, provides searchable job listings for human resources employment.

Jobs4HR – is a human resources employment web site that contains tips for creating a good resume, job listings, and connections to additional human resources education.

Good luck with your human resources job search and keep up a positive attitude. Nothing speaks success like a confident smile.