WetFeet Recruiter™ is a leading hiring management system for growing companies across multiple industries, geographies, and sizes, with respected clients including Macy’s, Holland America, Kaiser Associates, Leapfrog, Mervyn’s and Southwest Bank of Texas. While powerful recruiting technology is widespread at Fortune 500 companies, a quieter revolution is underway in the rest of our diverse economy — from banks to retailers to services firms to manufacturers, health care providers and nonprofits. You’re automating your recruiting processes, too, and you need a powerful hiring management system to do it right. But you also have a budget you have to live with, your recruiters don’t want a system that requires a Ph.D. to operate, and you need to move very quickly.

In this section, we look forward to introducing you to our customers and their stories. And of course, we look forward to discussing with you how WetFeet Recruiter can deliver the results you need for your organization.