Effective Job Searching Tips

Effective job searching may seem like an easy task, but given today’s job market, looking for a job can seem like a job in itself. When searching for a job, there are many ways that will allow you to increase your chances of actually landing a job. Following a few simple tips, though they may seem small, can make a world of difference in your job search.

Have a professional email address.

This may seem small, but remember, often times, it is the small things that matter most. Previously working in the human resource department of a large company, I can’t even to begin to explain how many resumes were rejected simply because the email address was not professional. Do you really think you’ll land a good job with an email address like redhotlips@abc.com? Probably not. Keep it simple. You can always be safe by selecting an email address with your first initial and last name.

Change your resume up often, but not too often.

While on your job search, if you have given your resume to several companies (in today’s job market, between 25 and 30), and haven’t received any responses or interviews after about a month or so, try something new. There is absolutely nothing wrong with changing the wording and format of your resume for better results. There are many free resume templates that can be accessed online for absolutely no cost at all. Simple changes in your resume could lead to more interviews and job offers.

Don’t limit your job search to only online postings.

Although searching online for job openings can be very effective in your job search, some companies still prefer the old-fashioned way. Put on some nice casual attire, wake-up early in the morning (around 9a.m. because the early bird catches the worm), and pass out some of your resumes to surrounding companies. In this day and age, just sitting in front of the computer, is not going to get you the job you’re in search of, you have to do some kind of leg work.

Keep companies that aren’t hiring you your list.

Just because a company isn’t hiring right now, does not mean that they won’t be hiring tomorrow or a month from now. Giving your resume to companies, even when they aren’t hiring, will allow you to be considered for positions if and when they start hiring in the near future. Most companies keep resumes on file for one year before they discard them.

Following the above stated tips, will help increase your chances of landing what may possibly be, the job of your dreams. Nothing can be guaranteed, however, increasing your chances, even a little bit, keeps you ahead in the race.