Find A Job Online

If the current employment market is any indication, there’s a lesson to be taken from the world of internet job prospecting–it’s easy to find a job online, but it’s hard to find a good job online. With the rise to prominence of companies like Monster and Career Builder, job-seekers now turn to their computers well before their local employment offices. The problem is, most of the jobs offered at each destination are identical.

The labor market is always in need of smart and conscientious workers in the 10-, 15-, and 20-dollar-an-hour range. Projected over the course of a full year, these amount to about $20K, $30K, and $40K respectively. There’s nothing wrong with any of these salaries–plenty of folks would jump at the chance to make $30K a year–but for jobs in the executive ranks, those that pay more like $50K, $60K, and $70K per year, the pickings remain slim.


Strategies on How To Find a Job Online

To find a job online you must succeed in separating yourself from the pack, which can be difficult, as that pack continues to grow. Contrary to what some believe, the way to do this is not through a flashy or unorthodox resume. It’s not with cover letters printed on colored paper, the use of 20-point fonts, or other attention-grabbers, either. Rather, it’s through adherence to convention.

What exactly does that mean, especially in a so-called “creative” job field? First, it means no mistakes or typos, period. Second, it means consistency throughout your resume. It’s okay to take some stylistic liberties, so long as you follow the same rules throughout. Good grammar and by-the-book conventions alone won’t help you find a job online, but they will prevent disqualifying you from the running once your name lands atop a hiring director’s desk.