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The Internet is crawling with jobs. The Internet is the new Wild, Wild West, a virtual land filled with opportunity. It has literally become the new frontier, a new utility. Most of the people I know can’t imagine living without the Internet. They could sooner see themselves living without heat in the wintertime. It’s not only a new utility, it’s a preferred utility for many homes.

This new necessity item has created millions of jobs over the last 15 years. Every major corporation has a website that’s designed to inform consumers about their company, inform job seekers of available jobs with their company, and sell the public on their corporate image. Millions of companies use the Internet to sell their goods and services. In fact, many companies only use the Internet to do this.


Why Find Internet Jobs?

This has led to the creation of new industries like E-commerce. This industry did not exist 20 years ago. Ordering products over the telephone was the closest thing we had to E-commerce. With new industries come new jobs. The business world is crawling with internet jobs and it doesn’t take much time to find them either.

Working with a so-called “dotcom” can prove to be very lucrative. In the late 1990s, a number of young women and men made millions of dollars off the Internet boom. Many of these internet start-ups eventually folded, leaving people more broke than they were before the internet explosion. However, the market has corrected a bit and the companies still alive on the Internet today have proven they can withstand a bitter recession. Not surprisingly, most of these companies post job openings exclusively on the Internet, via job boards and job search engines, making these the best place to look and to post one’s resume.