Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started using WetFeet Recruiter?
The system setup is fast and easy. As soon as you sign up for your account, we will provide a user name and password that will enable you to quickly set up WetFeet Recruiter for your organization. We will work with you to have your recruitment website up and running quickly.

How does a candidate apply for a job with WetFeet Recruiter?
Candidates, whether applying through your corporate recruitment website or a third-party job board, will be directed with a single click to a one-page online application form for that job. This application collects the most important data for prescreening via a quick and easy interface. All applicants receive an automatic e-mail from WetFeet Recruiter confirming receipt. Candidates can submit their resume to multiple positions simultaneously via the Job Cart.

Can I send e-mails to candidates in the WetFeet Recruiter system?
Yes. To help build relationships with job seekers, recruiters can send e-mails to any candidate who has applied for a job in the system, either individually or in bulk.

Does the system automatically reject unqualified candidates?
No. All applicants will show up in a recruiter’s database. WetFeet Recruiter then provides tools so the recruiter can quickly reject unqualified candidates.

How does WetFeet Recruiter integrate with Job boards?
WetFeet Recruiter complements job boards and the services that job boards offer. In addition to allowing you to easily post jobs to your company’s website, WetFeet makes it easy for you get candidates from all over the Internet. WetFeet Recruiter lets you post jobs to hundreds of job boards directly from the WetFeet Recruiter Desktop. The portable URL allows you to capture candidates from all of these sources into your database, using a single process to screen and select candidates for your hiring needs.

How does WetFeet Recruiter handle resumes?
WetFeet acknowledges that the resume is an important part of the screening process and includes the resume as a part of the candidate application. WetFeet also understands that you may still be receiving paper, fax, and e-mailed resumes, and will help you get these resumes into your WetFeet Recruiter system.

Does WetFeet Recruiter handle employee referrals?
Yes. Referrers, including third-party recruiters, are directed to an online application form similar to the one provided to candidates, but at a different URL. You can place this URL anywhere, including on your intranet. This application form is easy to use, and WetFeet Recruiter automatically dates and time-stamps the entry to prevent controversy about who submitted a candidate first.

Does WetFeet Recruiter provide reports about the system?
Yes. Recruiters can access reports about the system that provide key insights about your recruiting process including figures about the jobs, candidates, and source effectiveness. The system also helps you collect Affirmative Action and EEO data and reports on this information. These reports can be run for any time period that the recruiter desires.

To what extent can I customize my company’s career website using WetFeet Recruiter?
Your career website, powered by WetFeet Recruiter, is set up to match your career website to the rest of your company’s website. If you have special design requirements, WetFeet will work with you to ensure that your custom specifications are implemented.

I already list my jobs on my website. Why do I need WetFeet Recruiter?
WetFeet Recruiter automatically posts and updates the job openings on your company’s career website, so you don’t need to involve IT resources every time you want to update your career website. In addition, candidates who apply through your website will automatically be screened using job-specific criteria and routed to the relevant recruiter.


Do I need to install software to use WetFeet Recruiter?
No. All WetFeet Recruiter technology is delivered via the Internet and allows you to access your job listings and candidates from anywhere, anytime you can get online.

What kind of technology does WetFeet Recruiter use?
WetFeet Recruiter is a robust application built on Microsoft Windows 2003 and 2000 and SQL 2000 technologies. Your data will be securely housed on co-located servers at our co-location facility.

Can I export candidate data from WetFeet Recruiter?
Yes. You can export candidate information from WetFeet Recruiter to use in your HRMS or other existing applications.

How do I know my data is secure?
Only designated users of your system with appropriate login information and privileges can access your system. In addition, each user will have a specific level of authorization within WetFeet Recruiter. Overall our databases are housed at a co-location facility and reside behind world-class firewall technology.