Help Finding A Job

Almost everyone needs help finding a job at some point in his or her life. If the three most important aspects to running a successful business are location, location, and location, then the three most important aspects to finding a job are networking, networking, and networking. Over 75 percent of jobs come to people through their network, so you should always seek to expand yours.


Find a Job by Volunteering

Volunteering is one of the best ways to help find a paying job. If you volunteer and really put your heart in it and make an effort to do good work even when you’re not being paid, you’ll be surprised how many people will notice. The person next to you making holiday packages of food and toys for disadvantaged families could be a VP at a marketing firm. The woman reading stories to children in the hospital where you volunteer might own her own small bookstore and have hundreds of contacts in publishing or retail.

A mentor is one of the most helpful networking contacts. Many people find a mentor in college–a professor who was particularly inspirational or who has real world experience in the field they are pursuing. Others have a boss at some point who takes them under his or her wing, making sure they know what they need to do to position themselves for advancement. A mentor can not only introduce you to other contacts, but can also help you make sure that your resume and cover letter are prepared for a job that you really want.

There are services online which are designed to help you find a job, as well. Some of them are simply large forums where people post resumes and employers post job openings. Others facilitate virtual job fairs, and even have chat rooms, newsgroups, or forums where you can make contacts or meet a mentor.