Job Search Tips for New Grads

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Image result for Job Search Tips for New GradsAlmost every year over 200,000 new graduates hit the job market looking for that elusive new job. Many of them are in the same market as their parents or other relatives during this economy. However, there are some tips that the new graduate student can use to avoid having to move back in the Mom and Dad.

Start Your Job Search by Cleaning Up Your Past
In the day and age of digital information, it is important that the new job search begin with cleaning up your digital past. A simple Google search of your name could end up with some surprising results. The majority of hiring managers will do just that and more. They will check Facebook or some other social networking site for some history of you. Make sure that your profile picture is appropriate and even professional if possible. If that Google search has some unflattering information or pictures, make sure to sign up for a more professional social networking site such as LinkedIn which caters to professional networking. This will give that hiring manager a more professional look at you the job candidate.

Continue Your Job Search by Branding Yourself
We are not talking about getting a tattoo. Branding yourself is a way of making you stand out above the crowd. Use the social networking sites to connect with others in the industry your job search is taking you. Create a Twitter account and follow companies your interested in. This can show a hiring manager your seriousness towards the company and or industry. Many major companies and associations are beginning to realize the importance of social networking. Become someone with an expertise in it and you may impress a company’s hiring manager.

Always Continue to Network in Your Job Search
Most experts in job searching will tell you that the majority of jobs don’t get posted on the online job boards. Word of mouth or networkings with others are how many jobs are filled. Make sure that as a recent graduate that you continue to stay active in your field of choice. This may require you to volunteer, take an internship, or perform pro-bono work. However, that non-paid work involving the connections you make can lead you into a paying job.