Job Training

  • COBRA, an acronym for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, was enacted in 1986 and provides for the protection of employee health insurance coverage. The law calls for employers to offer te….
  • Construction Law
    Construction companies engage in a wide selection of hazardous activities. To protect the public, employees and construction companies State and Federal governments have created regulations intended t….
  • Custom Training
    Everyone has different skills and values and everyone learns these skills and values in a different manner. Many people learn best through visual stimulation such as reading or seeing visual represent….
  • EEO Training
    Employment is the key to providing a quality life for yourself and your family. In the past, gaining quality employment was a challenge due to discrimination from race, religion, sex, or age. The Fede….
  • FLSA Training
    In 1938 the Federal Government enacted the Fair Labor Standards Act. The Act created provisions regarding labor standards, minimum and overtime pay, and child labor protection. Most jobs are governed ….
  • FMLA Training
    The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993 created Federal regulations regarding situations that require an individual to leave work due to illness of themselves or family members. FMLA requires cove….
  • Job Training Programs
    Job training programs are used by individuals to gain the skills required for employment in the field. Businesses utilize job training programs to increase the efficiency and education of their employ….
  • Microsoft .NET Training
    Microsoft has introduced a new generation of software technology called .Net. The basis of .Net technology is the use of web services–small software applications that are written in extensible markup….
  • Onsite Training
    There are several businesses that provide training services for large and small companies alike. These companies provide services that allow employees to be trained at the company’s location instead o….
  • Workers’ Compensation Training
    When I was in High School I worked at one of the local car washes. I worked with a group of friends and we had a lot fun working after school and on weekends. I was responsible for wiping down the int