Joel Zeff's Make The Right Choice: Book Review on Creating A Positive, Innovative, Productive Work Life

Yes, you too have the right to make choices. But which ones are the right ones? Read on for a review of Joel Zeff’s book based on his speeches and presentations.

Make The Right Choice: Creating A Positive, Innovative, And Productive Work Life

Joel Zeff is not a stranger to print. His background is journalism, along with a healthy helping of watching people: seeing what makes them laugh, and what makes them want to work. By joining his consulting work with his improvisation skills, he created a new career. He took responsibility and made the right choice, for him. This book is about making choices, having choices, taking choices, but most importantly, taking responsibility for all those choices.

Easy-To-Read Book By A National Keynote Speaker

Joel Zeff is first and foremost a national speaker and humourist. The style is evident in this easy-to-read self-help book. However, what may work in person does not always translate onto paper. Good comedy and good laughter must be timed – you need to prep the audience.

Unfortunately, Mr. Zeff’s timing with the printed word is way off. He belittles his own work with a callous attempt at humour at where to read this book. While self-depreciation can work on stage, where only the last moment lingers in the mind’s eye, here in his book it becomes a permanent put-down. If this book means so little, why bother reading it at all?

What It’s About

Divided into fourteen chapters, the book basically takes us through many of his practical field speaking engagements or presentations. He shows us many of his games played with executives, managers and just general plain folk, and how the reactions can be classified into types. The games are thought provoking yet fun. The classifications are fun too, but not when repeatedly harped upon. His continued use of “black mock turtleneck” managers as the epitome of what NOT to be becomes an irritating joke in itself, instead of a joke of itself.

Mr. Zeff has some excellent points in his work: some you’ll recognize, some you’ll realize, and some will be a new twist. You should have fun at work, and you can. Yes, you do need a positive attitude, and you can choose to have that attitude. His optimism and genuine care do shine through in this book. His emphasis on choices throughout the book does not become tiresome (as does the self-depreciative humour and the mock turtleneck comments); rather it supports and affirms a productive work life.

Overall, the book’s content is solid. But the writing – Mr. Zeff, you do yourself a disservice when you diss your own work.

Zeff, Joel. 2007 Make The Right Choice: Creating A Positive, Innovative, And Productive Work LifeĀ John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Holbrook NJ USA