Notre Dame Recruiting Its Way to a Return to Glory

Notre Dame has landed another recruit. This time it is Jarron Jones a 6-foot-7 308-pound defensive lineman. Initially committing to Penn State University , the young man had a change of heart and committed to Notre Dame on Monday.

Jones is rated as a five star prospect and one of the best players in the nation. He becomes the 14th player this year to commit to the Irish, something Kelly and staff is making a trend of. This is the second player they have picked up after committing to Penn State (Ishaq Williams was the other one) in less than a year.

Commits are not binding until national signing day, but Brian Kelly is expelling the old myth that you cannot recruit D-Linemen at Notre Dame. He brought in a great group last year and the group this year seems to be a pretty good bunch.

Notre Dame has upgraded its speed on defense tremendously since Kelly arrived. Kelly has filled holes in recruiting with top rated talent also. Last year it was D-Line, this year it is defensive back with the likes of Ronald Darby and Tee Shepard.

Notre Dame has really upgraded its talent in a short amount of time also. There are several freshmen on the two-deep. Not because they have to play but because they are talented enough to beat out some talented players.

I am not sure how many scholarships Notre Dame has left but I believe a good portion of those will go to a running back and some offensive linemen.

Brian Kelly could make a good run at a BCS berth this year and have a good dominating perennial run in the future if he continues to recruit like he and staff has so far.

Notre Dame is trying to return to glory for the fourth time in the last 20 years. The other three times failed, however, this time I believe they have the right coach and the right administration to do it.