“WetFeet Recruiter significantly improved the efficiency of our recruiting program by automating administrative processes and eliminating paperwork, including paper resumes. Our streamlined program has enabled us to reduce recruiting costs while improving quality. Our centralized database of candidates helps us develop relationships with current candidates who will be valuable for future job openings, thus reducing sourcing costs. I really like working with the people at WetFeet. I know and value that I have a voice in future upgrades of the product.”

Fallon, Inc.

“Through our entire relationship, WetFeet was proactive, flexible and responsive. We were extremely impressed… Clearly, this is a ‘learning organization’ dedicated to meeting Federated’s needs today and tomorrow. “…We continue to be very pleased with WetFeet and the WetFeet Recruiter product. We have seen tremendous consistency and a continued desire to expand WetFeet Recruiter, provide a highly professional level of service, and meet Federated’s ongoing needs.”

Federated Department Stores

“WetFeet Recruiter streamlined our candidate selection process and eliminated the basic administrative work that might otherwise distract a recruiting organization. In addition, ongoing technological enhancements incorporate our feedback and reflect innovative technologies. With WetFeet, there were no surprises. Everything from functionality to pricing was exactly as promised, which is rare. The client team was very supportive and responsive to our needs. WetFeet’s knowledgeable client team provided options and best practices that enabled us to streamline the organization while meeting our unique recruiting needs.”

Southwest Bank of Texas

“WetFeet provides the highest quality of service. Thanks to their knowledgeable and responsive client team, our firm has implemented superior technology to improve our recruiting organization. WetFeet assessed our recruiting needs and moved quickly to implement a solution that has streamlined our recruiting program and enabled us to reduce costs across the board. We are more responsive to candidates and quicker to contact and meet top candidates as a result of the WetFeet candidate management system. By enabling us to focus on the highest quality candidates, WetFeet Recruiter has helped us develop deeper relationships with prospective employees. Our career website is more professional and powerful then it has ever been. WetFeet has been an excellent partner in meeting our goals. I give them an A+!”

Kaiser Associates