Tips for Job Searching in the Hickory, North Carolina Area

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Image result for Tips for Job Searching in the Hickory, North Carolina AreaIn today’s economy it seems it is only a matter of time before most of us are hunting for a job. I have been laid off twice in my life, once from a furniture factory shutting down (yes we know about that in Catawba County) and once when my job was outsourced to another company. So I have some experience in searching for work in Catawba County. In order to help others in the same boat I have compiled some tips for job searching in the Hickory North Carolina area. Where possible I will include website links and telephone numbers as well as the address.

5 Tips for finding a job in the Hickory Area

1 Dress as nicely as possible for all job interviews and be neat and polite. First impressions are lasting ones and you need to look good to a prospective employer.

2 Keep an updated list of referrals for job applications. Make sure if you want to use somebody as a reference that they are ok with it. And make sure the telephone numbers are up to date and correct.

3 If you have certifications or degree’s in anything that may help you get the job, have a copy ready to turn in with your application.

4 Even if turned down for a job be polite and thank them and ask them to keep you in mind for future openings.

5 Follow up after putting in an application, but ask at the time you are there, when a good time to call would be. Don’t make a pest of yourself.

I hope these tips will help you in you job searching in the Hickory North Carolina area. The rest of this article will deal with actual resources to help you find employment in Catawba Country.

Resources for Job Searching in the Hickory Area

All employment hunting in Hickory or anywhere for that matter should start with the Employment Security Commission. Click this link for the North Carolina ESC website. Once there you enter a zip code and how many miles you are willing to drive. Then it will show you the available jobs in that area. Or you can visit their office at 2201 Hwy 70 SE in Newton.

Local Newspapers are also a good source for the job seeker in Catawba County. Of course you can pick up a copy or go to their website. This link takes you to the Hickory Daily Record website which has online classifieds. is where I found my current full time job with FedEx. It is a great source to use, click this link to search the Hickory area. I had a resume online and got a call from FedEx and got hired the day after the call.

Manpower temp jobs can come in handy in tough economic times. Their office can be found at 2725 P on Northwest Industrial BLVD in Newton North Carolina. Or you can visit the Manpower website here. often has many jobs in the HickoryEmploymentguideis weblink to search for employment in Catawba County.

Cweblinknce stores are often good sources on jobs available in the area. The clerks in stores meet all kinds of people and here the rumors of who may be hiring. Go in and ask somebody if they know of job openings around town. About a month ago I was in the Fairgrove Service center on Fairgrove Church Road and Fairgroveed a job by a guy sFairgroveround in there. And they like a lot of convenience stores have a bulletin board which may contain jobs.