Tips for Recruiting the Best Employees

In today’s competitive employment market, recruiting the best employees can be a challenge. To start off, who are the “best employees” anyways? The best employee for one firm will certainly be different than for another. Before you get started in your candidate search, your organization will need to assess what the “best employee” designation means for you.

In order to recruit the best employees for your organization, you first have to know where to find them. For entry level positions in fields such as finance or engineering, for example, this could mean looking for potential job candidates top-notch colleges or universities.

You could also expand your search by asking current employees to recommend job candidates, offering a nominal fee to those who recommend successful candidates. External search firms (sometimes known as headhunters) may also be a good way to find the best candidates for your firm, especially if you are seeking IT or other technical hires.

Once you’ve determined where to find the best candidates, you next need to determine how to entice the candidate to become part of your firm. If the candidate is indeed “the best,” then he or she will likely have many outstanding offers. Your company will need to compete with these offers financially in order to attract the best employees.

However, money is only part of the equation. Companies with high levels of prestige often have a distinct advantage in recruiting the best, so creating a sterling corporate image is key to recruiting great employees. The best employees are also often seeking job attributes such as high levels of responsibility and visibility when deciding whether or not to take a job offer.

Recruiting the best employees may require getting to know what the candidate’s individual needs are. Some of the best may think that international travel is essential, while others may not want this. Job location is key to some, with another candidate may prefer flexible schedules. Talk with each candidate to understand what he or she is looking for in considering job opportunities.

The final and most important piece of recruiting the best employees is making sure that this person truly is the best fit for your organization. A pedigree for a top university does not ensure that the candidate will work well within your company. Make sure to have this person meet with several current employees in both interview and less-formal circumstances to make sure that this person is the right fit for your group. Taking the time upfront will make sure that you really are recruiting the best person for the job.