Tips on How to Start Your Job Search

Do you want to find a job you love? If you do, then you should do some research. Before you start applying for your dream job you should know as much as you can about it. Where do you start the search and how would you do it?

Start with basic research. There are many sources on the web you can take advantage of for researching jobs, careers, industries and employers. Occupational, employer, and industry specific information are all available for you at the click of a button.

Once you have narrowed down your search to a specific field, career, industry and potential employers, your next step should be to target the decision makers in the companies you are targeting.

Before going to meet with any potential employers be sure to have a solid knowledge of their company, industry standings, as well as their website. Look through job search engines, career builder websites, recruiters, as well as within your own network of people for any job openings in your target companies.

If you are able to get an interview make sure you have a good first impression. Always wear sharp looking clothes, no jeans, no flip flops, no baseball caps ect. You should wear dark colors nothing too flashy. an example of what to wear would be a black or blue suit for men, conservative top and below the knee skirt for women.

Answer all answers truthfully and honestly, Ask as many questions as you can. Know your worth when it comes to salary. If your interviewer asks you questions be sure your answers are honest answers because if you lie about something now and they find out about it later you will be in a very bad situation. One thing you should absolutely do is ask questions, you want to know as much about the job and place of employment as you can, ask as if you are already hired. Asking questions in that manner makes you seem more confident and practical. You might be asked to name your own salary, so you have to be prepared and know what you are worth. You should do a search on the average pay for your profession, a good place to find out is Be within the average, don’t ask for too much or too little. If you ask for too much they might not be able to afford hiring you, and if you ask for too little they might think that you aren’t as skilled as you should be.

The key to successful job hunting is research and networking, if you don’t do your research or communicate with people you will have a much harder time in finding your job.