Top States for Interior Design Online Degree Holders to Find Work

Employment opportunities for interior design online degree holders greatly differ among states. Such individuals who happen to be located in states where employment or remuneration rates are higher-than-average are lucky while those who are not may want to consider relocating to search for the best employment prospects in the US.

States Offering the Highest Chances of Getting Employed

Those looking to relocate to states with the highest employment rates should consider the top five:

  1. Washington DC
  2. Utah
  3. Colorado
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Florida

Although Washington DC technically isn’t a state, it needs to be considered as it has the highest concentration of jobs for interior design online degree holders in the US. There, such jobs take up about 0.10% of total employment and pay, on the average, US$61,400 yearly. Second to it is Utah which holds related jobs amounting to about 0.06% of its total workforce. There, the per-year mean wage for such employees is US$54,720.

Other states with the highest concentration of work for interior design online degree holders are Colorado, Massachusetts, and Florida which are all at 0.06% of total state employment. Colorado offers a yearly average wage of US$43,230 for such employees, Massachusetts offers US$60,370, and Florida offers US$47,560. In Florida, the most ideal metropolitan areas for such employees are Sebastian, Vero Beach, Naples, Marco Island, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Boynton Beach.

States Offering the Highest Salaries to Interior Design Online Degree Holders

When it comes to the states that offer the highest compensation, the top five are:


  1. Nevada
  2. New York
  3. Washington DC
  4. Alaska
  5. Hawaii

Nevada offers the highest compensation to interior design online degree holders, especially in the metropolitan areas on Las Vegas and Paradise. The mean per-hour wage of such workers in this state is US$32.26 but such jobs only account for 0.04% of total state employment.

In New York, the average hourly wage for such employees is US$31.36 while in Washington DC, Alaska, and Hawaii, the hourly mean wage is between US$29.33 and US$29.52. Washington DC seems to be the ideal place for such employees as it does not only offer high average wages but also high demand for such employees.

There’s no way to guarantee employment or high wages for interior design online degree holders. However, those employed in this field are known to have higher-than-average wages, especially when they are located in the ideal states. There are also those who prefer to offer their services independently. Such freelancers make up about 25.70% of all interior designers in the United States.